under construction - probably never completed!

In The Beginning
First Steps
1959 & 1960 in Germany
1960 - 66 Libyen, Marocco, Spain
1967 -71  Madrid, München
going 1971 to Berlin to the SFB (Radio) Bigband
Berlin in the 70's: "Harlem 4"
SFB Bigband in Jersey - "AUE"

Misc. 2002 - 2003  

Friends & Heroes 1

Please read this!

Dear Friends,

this fotogallery necessarily cannot be complete. It is just a selecton of fotos, wich I still have. There is a lot of musicians and bands where from I simply don´t have any fotos. On the other side there are quite some musicians on some fotos whose names I couldn´t recall anymore or spelled them wrong as well as some of the time schedule may be wrong. If you have any advice for correction, please mail or write it in the guest book. If anyone thinks, he has some fotos which should be in this gallery, please mail or send them.

Have fun stirring up old memories!