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A homage to the legendary „Four Brothers“ (Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Herbie Stewart and Serge Chaloff) of the 2nd Herd Woody Herman Band and comparably to the  Eddie „Lockjaw“ Davis  Very Saxy four tenor band featuring Coleman Hawkins, Arnett Cobb and Buddy Tate.

We started this project for the first time in Bingen/Rhein (GER) for the Jazzfestival „Bingen Swingt“ in June 2010. Heinz v. Hermann together with Wilson „Yiye“ de Oliveira, Jürgen Seefelder and Peter Weniger. In Berlin at the Bad'schen Hof we repeated this project in Oktober of 2014 with Wilson „Yiye" de Oliviera, Walter Gauchet and Peter Weniger and because of the overwhelming feedback, it was a no-brainer to bring this project to Vienna. The rhythm section consisted of Wolfgang Köhler p, Lars Ghlke bass and Felix Astor drums.

The Vienniese colleagues were immediately enthused and we proudly presented at Zwe's in Vienna the „4 very saxy brothers“ with Herwig Gradischnig, Martin Fuss and Bernhard Wiesinger. The rhythm section features Markus Gaudriot on Piano, Alexander Lackner on Bass and Tom Henkes on Drums.

The name of the band  is a little bit misleading, it should rathe be „4 generations of tenor-saxophone“!

The program contains the pieces out of the repertoire of above mentioned bands (of course) plus a few extra written compositions and arrangements for this lineup.


download INFO als pdf A4 (123 kB)


Four Brothers
Early Autumn
Very Saxy
Was Flottes
It Could Happen to You
Fried Bananas

Tenor Madness
On a Slowboat
to China

Sing me Softly
of the Blues

Light and Lovely
Sweet Emma
Foot Pattin´
House in the
Morning Sun

Korn Blues

Previous concerts:

26.6.2010 Bingen (D) Swingt
24.& 25. 10.2014 Baden´scher Hof (Berlin)
14.2.2015 Jazzclub ZWE (Wien)
Jazzland (Wien)
15. & 16.1. 2015
Baden´scher Hof Berlin (D)
Jazzclub ZWE (Wien) 
Jazzland (Wien) 22.10.2016
Jazzland (Wien) Heinz´80. Geburtstag
Jazzspinner (Berlin)
4. & 5. 11. 2016
Baden´scher Hof (Berlin)
Jazzclub ZWE (Wien) 24.6.2022
Jazzland (Wien)
Jazzclub ZWE (Wien)

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