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Due to other musical commitments and the lack of cultural funding, which happens to be a sign of the times, the „old Jazz Ahead Quintet“ which has succesfully, frequently toured, can only on rare occasion now be experienced in a live situation. Nonetheless, this band has not totally fallen into oblivion, as all arrangements still exist and in fact newer ones have been added. Simply said; It is not always possible to engage the same musicians. This is partly due to high costs, which organizers are not prepared to pay and at the same time the lack of sponsors such as Radio stations etc. which were willing to record thereby making many concerts possible.

We, therefore have fewer and farther between concerts with different frontline constellations. Instead of the „classic“ trumpet-tenor frontline we sometimes change to trombone-tenor or guitar-tenor. The arrangents are accordingly rewritten. What never changes is the joy of performing our music to enthusiastic crowds, motivating us to continue.


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